Bob and Brad Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat and Remote, Deep Kneading Therapy with 4 Level, Improve Foot Wellness, Fits Feet up to Men Size 12- Black

The BOB AND BRAD Foot Massager has 4 different squeeze intensities. Choose between low, medium, high or max. Or, if you prefer, keep the kneading feature turned off altogether. Kneading helps improve blood circulation by lightly tightening and releasing your feet, stimulating blood to circulate throughout. Every massage is customizable, allowing you to choose between low, medium, high, or max intensity settings. Each massage can be fine-tuned to your needs with 4 choices of unique massage programs that will leave you feeling your best. Don’t forget about the soothing heat therapy to tie it all together. The shiatsu foot massager provides soothing heat that adds another layer to the sensational experience. Sit back, pick your preferred massage setting, and turn up the heat for an at-home foot massage experience that'll have you so relaxed, you might have trouble staying awake through your favorite show at night. This compact unit effectively mimics the Shiatsu technique in an effortless and user-friendly form. The deep-kneading nodes are designed to mimic the fingers of a professional masseuse. A little variety never hurt anybody! The foot massager has an array of features that can be customized independently with every use. Choose from 4 unique massage programs and an intensity level of either low, medium, high, or max. There's no need to fumble for the remote or try to remember where you set it down the last time. The controls are conveniently located on the top of the device with easy-to-read labels that allow you to customize your experience. Switch between kneading and shiatsu, and control their intensity, all with the click of a button. There’s no feeling quite like the comfort you get from sitting back and unwinding after a long day on your feet.
  • BOB AND BRAD 721 Foot Massager Machine with Heat and Remote-Massage away your foot pains, aches, and other symptoms with Physical Therapists Bob and Brad.
  • From Top to Bottom Soothing Heat-The temperature will gradually rise within 1 minute, can control the constant temperature and will not burn the skin. Soothing warmth on the entire foot can further meet your needs for relaxation to relieve tense muscles and stress.
  • Customization for the maximum relief-3 Levels of Heat, 3 Deep-kneading rolling massage, 4 Intensities, 3 Massage programs, 15-Minute Automatic Shut-Off Timer. The Elders - Plantar Fascitis & Neuropathy?-If you suffer from peripheral neuropathy, a shiatsu foot massager would make your life much easier. However, they should always be combined with actual treatment.

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