BOB AND BRAD X6 Pro Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion with Metal Head for Cold or Heat Therapy (OPEN BOX)


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Condition: Open Box

This Bob and Brad X6 Pro massage gun is designed specially with muscle recovery in mind. Features a 55mm diameter brushless industrial-grade torque 120W motor and a 55 LBS stall force for deeper massages, relaxing muscles with 10.5mm of amplitude to penetrate fascia and sore spots.

  • 【2022 Upgraded DMS Deep Tissue Percussion Massage Gun for Athletes】Calling all athletes and strength trainers!
    【All-Titanium Alloy Massage Head for Heat and Cold Therapy】The exclusive metal massage head of our percussion massage gun is perfect for athletes and fitness enthusiasts needs, via strengthen and deepen the percussion impact, help users recovers in mins instead of days. (Tips: A towel can be covered by the metal head when using.)
    【2500mAh Long Lasting Battery & 10-Min Auto Protection】The X6 Pro electric muscle massager for back equips with a 2500mAh li-ion battery is internally separated among four cells, runs up to 4 hour on a full charge. 
    【Ultra-Quiet and Professional-Grade Deep Muscle Relief】Thanks to its brushless motor, reduces noise 80% more effectively than other massagers. 
    【5 Speeds & 5 Interchangeable Heads】This portable percussion massage gun has five interchangeable heads and can be set to five speeds ranging from 2000-3200RPM, target various muscle groups to awaken the whole body. 

    Parcel Dimension: 11.8 X 11 X 4.1 in, 4.4lbs
    • Package include:
    • 1 X Massage Gun
    • 5 X Massage Heads
    • 1 X User Manual
    • 1 X Charging Cable
    • 1 X Carrying Case 
  • Benefits of Massage Guns
    • Decreasing muscle pain and tension
    • Reducing lactic acid buildup that causes muscle soreness
    • Improving flexibility
    • Improving lymphatic flow, which helps to rid your body of toxins and support your immune system
    • Improving body awareness by promoting mind-muscle connections that may improve athletic performance 
  • How to Properly Use a Massage Gun
    • To warm up before a workout: When combined with other warm-up exercises such as dynamic stretching and cardio, using a massage gun for 30 seconds to one minute on each area you plan to target during your workout can prepare muscles by increasing blood flow and improving mobility.
    • To cool down after a workout: Using a massage gun for up to one minute on each muscle group you targeted during your workout helps to maintain blood flow, which brings recovery-boosting oxygen and nutrients, reduces inflammation and promotes relaxation.
    • To manage delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS): Using a lower setting for up to two minutes on sore muscles can provide temporary relief of DOMS.
    • To relieve tight muscles: Using a massage gun for 1-2 minutes can help to relieve tight muscles after sleeping, sitting, or performing everyday tasks. 

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