Booster A Massage Gun for Athletes

  • Warranty: If the lithium battery is damaged, the massage gun can not work normally. We provide return or compensation service within one year. Just find the Qifengst Direct Store after-sales contact in the package box.
  • Professional Percussion Massage Gun: 1800-3200 percussion per minute, 24V high-power brushless motor, 10mm amplitude but noise as low as 60dl, ultra-quiet operate indoor outdoor (Gym, Office , Club,Living room, Bedroom etc...). Because of professional design and beautiful appearance,many professional athletes often carry the Booster series of massagers.
  • Touch Smart Massage Therapy: LCD liquid crystal touch screen, grip and power cabin are covered with silicone sleeve, 6-speed memory adjustable files, texture upgrade easy to change file. 4 massage head attachments to satisfy different parts of the body (Ball/Fork/Flat/Bullet head).
  • Long Work time: 2400mAh rechargeable high-quality lithium battery and efficient radiating system, long-lasting power supply no heat. 2h-6h of massage time after full charge, recommended charging time: 150min. Suppose you massage your muscles for 15 minutes a day, Booster A fascia massage gun can use about 1 week.
  • Lightweight Handheld Massager: 1 Booster A cordless massage gun weighs only 2.4 lbs, minimizing external vibrations, speeding up blood circulation, relieving muscle stiffness and soreness, and reducing muscle recovery time.

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