Booster Pro 2 Therapy Massage Gun for Deep Tissue Massage Relieving Muscle Pain

  • 9 Speed settings deliver up to 3400 percussion per minute: The personalized and adjustable speed settings makes the massager easy and comfortable to use; adjust the frequencies according to the purpose, for warming up, soreness relief, injured muscles, muscle pain and activation, tightness relief; increase to higher speeds for larger and stronger muscle groups.
  • Noise Reduction Technology: Powerful high-torque motor featuring New Noise Reduction technology. Operating noise level at 55db which is much quiet than other jigsaw modified massage gun in the market. Superlight weight, high quality designed, and easier to use. The ergonomic designed grip minimizes external vibrations and the durable TPE grip makes the massager easier and comfortable to hold and operate.
  • 5 Massage Heads: The handheld massager comes with 5 massage heads for a different massage experience. With scientific vibration frequency and amplitude, the massager would effectively relieve muscle spasm and stimulate blood flow, and greatly shorten muscle recovery time.
  • Long Battery Running Time: 24V Li-ion Battery and comes with an excellent long-run battery that can work at least 3 hours, depending on the massage feature you use.
  • Food Grade Silicone Protective Cover which brings fine & smooth gripping touch and prevent slips and falls from hand. Pro 2 is packed in a EVA case as well which you can easily use after each workout.


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