10 Suspension Training You Can Do At Home for Way Less Money (Exercise Examples)

"Get fit , stay healthy, and pain-free" - Famous Physical Therapist Bob and Brad. 

Bob and Brad demonstrate a suspension resistance training product by Flige. They will demonstrate various exercises you can do and how to set up the Flige at home.

So we're talking about there's a lot of suspension straps out there, I think almost all of them are more expensive. The thing we like about FLIGE suspension straps, I really high quality products it is. They do not spare any thing. They don't cut corners.

From where I would say there are industrial duty they are very they're good quality products. 


Suspension Straps

Let me show you how well this adjust belt because this is really key.

it's a modified pull-up and one thing you're gonna find out with doing all of these exercises some suspension training you're really working your core. 

This would be a beginner tricep because it's it's not too hard yeah if you wanted it harder you'd make it longer and you'd go further down.  

I'm gonna tighten up my core keep my elbows straight and I think I couldn't with glower I think I could what to eat yeah I'm then from here we do flies and another one I do like to do from especially from my other shoulder is I come over this way and this is more of a range of motion. 


 it really stretches your PEC major in your PEC minor and you're getting then you can work this so you get range of motion strengthening exercises. 

I usually do about ten of these and then I rest and do a few more cuz I get fatigued so but you're really working your back too. it you're working the upper upper trap.

It really works the core and those biceps you want to. 

you could adjust the resistance. It is easier by just standing up straighter yeah or foot position - and if you go wide it's a little different as well. So the lots of modifications that you can do. It's really good for this inner scapular muscle. 

so I do push-ups like this I get all the way in like that and then I do push-ups. 

these start burning your core I want to burn the abdomen you do some of these.

Flige suspension straps is all-in-one tool that allows you to build strength, balance, flexibility, and core.  This is indeed a piece of fitness equipment that helps you to achieve all that simultaneously!