How to Set Up Flige Suspension Trainer?

Home Set Up (Door Frames)

Doors are the most straightforward and simplest places to use your trainers. With most suspension trainers, you can simply throw one end of the straps over the door frame, or use a separate attachment called a door anchor, which helps hold the suspension trainers in place. Door anchors should come with your suspension trainer. 

Flige Suspension Trainer Set Up


Outdoor Set-ups (Bars/Trees)

Pull-up bars at playgrounds or the park are my favorite places to attach suspension trainers. An indoor pull-up bar also works as long as it’s properly secured. I’ve even used tree branches that look thick and strong enough to support my weight. That’s the key though—whatever you use should be strong enough to support your weight.

The picture below shows you an easy way to attach your straps to a pull-up bar or any horizontal anchor point. The “Winston knot” helps keep the straps in place and avoids them sliding around on the bar when you’re doing more complex moves.



  • Your attachment point should be 7 ft. (2.13 m) - 9 ft. (2.74 m) high and strong enough to support your full bodyweight.
  • Adjust the length of the Suspension Anchor so the main loop hangs 6 ft. (1.83 m) off the ground.
  • With the Trainer fully extended, the bottom of the foot cradles should hang 2 in. (.05 m) - 3 in. (.08 m) off the ground. When performing exercises lying down (either prone or supine) adjust the Trainer so foot cradles hang 8 in. (.2 m) - 12 in. (.3 m) above the ground.