Bob and Brad Hand Exercise Balls, Stress Balls for Adults, Grip Strength Trainer for Arthritis, Hand Grip Strengthener (3 Pack, Soft Medium Hard)

Stress ball is an effective stress reliever and helps build hand strength while removing the physical effects of anxiety. Our hand strengthener ball set is small and lightweight. You can carry them in your pockets so you can squeeze, exercise or relax whenever you feel the need. Perfect for athletes, musicians, office staff or people with rehabilitation or stress relief needs. Ergonomic design ensures the stress balls fit right in your palm. 2.4 inches in diameter.
  • About Bob and Brad Stress Balls
    • Squeeze Your Stress Away
    • Enhance Hand Grip Strength
    • Ideal for Rehabilitation
    • Premium Quality, Durable & Safe
    • Available In 3 Resistance Levels
    • The Perfect Gift
  • About Bob and Brad
    Bob Schrupp runs a 30-person rehabilitation agency providing physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology services in eight locations in southeastern Minnesota.
    Brad Heineck became a Certified Strengthening and Conditioning Specialist in 2001. He is known for his ability to customize therapy equipment in clinical settings to suit patients’ needs.

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